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At Blended LLC we hand make every rug and carpet on a made-to-order basis. With 17 years of experience, we are equipped to walk you through the handmade process with ease. We genuinely enjoy providing pleasant experiences for our clients, from initial design to delivery. Let our team guide you with unparalleled technical knowledge and attention to detail. We are highly skilled at maximizing your budget and developing a beautiful product that will last, all while delivering on time.

Design Support (CAD Services)

Explore our existing collections or collaborate with us to create something new. Either way, our team of talented artists are here to help.

Product Development

We will work with you to determine the look and feel you envision for your product. Our team will further develop the existing artwork to show technical notes, ensuring an efficient and successful production.

Budget and Project Managing

We are committed to mindful service, from start to finish. We will work with you to maximize your budget and develop a product that will last.


We manufacture all types of custom rugs and wall–to-wall floor coverings.


We have the space and the workforce to handle any size order. Quality control is particularly important to us, so every order is sent to our warehouse where it undergoes an inspection. Once it is cleared, the team will prepare and re-package the order for transit.

Delivery & Installation

We offer a wide range of delivery and installation services to meet your needs. Contact us today for more details.

Continued Client Support

We care about our clients, and we are focused on providing attentive service throughout the project, as well as any support thereafter.

“Having had the pleasure of working with Blended on multiple projects throughout the years, they have proven to be the best in our industry! Their team is professional, responsive, and completely transparent; always bringing problem-solving solutions to our highly bespoke, customized, and luxurious hospitality projects.”

- Nicole Wood, Summa International

“Blended is our go-to for carpets and rugs. They are more than a vendor, they are a collaborator and partner. Lauren is knowledgeable and a problem solver, always suggesting ways to make the end product better and more cost efficient. And most importantly, I always trust that she will deliver on time.”

- Candace Campos, Soho House

“Their customer service is unmatched, and they epitomize organized efficiencies, productivity, and flexibility. Always striving to bring our designers visions to life, while meeting our client’s budgets, and ensuring a timely delivery on their quality goods. Blended has become one of our most valuable consultants and our partnership with them has certainly helped to ease the stereotypical stresses and concerns that are typically associated with the procurement process.”

- Nicole Wood, Summa International

“All I can say is you are 99% there. Easiest carpet strike off ever. Super excited about these rugs!”

- Jiwon Yoo, Starwood

“The rug is stunning, and the client was thrilled. It far exceeded her expectations. ”

- Laura Roberts Design